The strength of our company is a strong experience in the field of environmental and real estate law both at national and at EU level. As a specialized law firm we can offer flexible and high level services taking into consideration each client´s special needs.

» Planning and building
• Planning consulting
• Planning appeals
• Deviation and building permits
• Legal issues with building

» Corporate environmental management
• Programming of permit, EIA (environmental impact assessment) and planning procedures
• Training and education related to permit, EIA and planning procedures
• EIA, permit and appeal matters

» Waste legislation and taxation
• Waste responsibilities
• Appeals

» Real estate proceedings, road proceedings and easements
• Applications for cadastral surveys
• Easement reports
• Appeals / Land Court hearings

» Real estate transactios and rental agreements
• Deeds of legally problematic transactions of properties
• Real estate errors and civil cases related to them
• Damages matters
• Rental agreements and contract disputes

» Water building and water permits
• Permit applications
• Appeal matters
• Compensation questions related to permits and damage situations
• Executive assistance matters

» Matters related to expropriation
• Expropriations related to road and railroad purposes / appeals for expropriation decisions and compensations and occupancy questions related to them
• Expropriations related to planning matters / appeals and compensation issues
• Expropriations / preservation contracts for nature conservation purposes
• Other expropriation situations, for example expropriations of alluvions and applications related to them

» Nature conservation matters
• Natura 2000 network
• Conservation matters
• Planning and permit matters
• Compensations

» Environmental liability
• Compensation for environmental damages
• Remediation liabilities of ground and ground water
• Environmental liabilities related to activity and/or assignment of real estate situation

» EU environmental law
• Legislation consultancies
• Legal procedures, complaints and appeals

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